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Fees and Payment


The initial consultation fee to see Dr Broadhurst is $189 (this does not include the cost of the endoscopy / nasendoscopy, if required).


Medicare will pay about $72 of the $189 fee.  Unfortunately, private health funds do not contribute to “out-patient” care so the “out of pocket” cost to you then becomes roughly $117. 

The receipt you receive from the consultation can be submitted to Medicare for you. 

Your Medicare refund is then either a cheque mailed to you, or directly deposited - if your bank details are registered with Medicare.

Extra charges

If an endoscopy or another procedure is performed on the day, this will attract an additional fee.

It will range between $165 and $225 of which Medicare will rebate you about 70% of.  The total account is payable at the conclusion of the consultation.

Methods of payment

We accept the following methods of payment (payable at the time of consultation):

  • Cash
  • Cheque

We do not accept direct deposit.