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Botox Injection

Dr Broadhurst performs injections utilising Botox into the larynx.  This is done in the office setting under the use of an EMG machine.  An EMG machine involves placement of the electrodes over certain regions on the face and neck.  These electrodes then guide the tip of the needle into the appropriate muscle for injection.  The Botox is then delivered into the muscle causing a paralysis.  The desired paralysis is used to treat some conditions, including spasmodic dysphonia and muscle tension dysphonia.

There are times when an EMG injection is not feasible and in this setting either a transoral injection through the mouth or an injection using a different needle through the skin is utilised to deliver the Botox to the appropriate muscle.

The overall patient tolerance for this procedure is extremely high and in the majority of patients it avoids general anaesthetic and microlaryngoscopy.  Dr Broadhurst was the first ENT Surgeon in Australia to be regularly using EMG guided injections of Botox in the office setting.