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Office Laryngeal Surgery

Office laryngeal surgery is designed to provide patients with highly specialised treatment under topical anaesthetic without sedation.  In suitable patients this then avoids the general anaesthetic and hospital admission with its accompanying downtime and cost.  Over many years office-based laryngeal procedures have proved highly effective and well tolerated by patients and have a very high safety profile.  Dr Broadhurst has the largest experience in Australia with office-based laryngeal procedures.  Such procedures involve KTP laser for papilloma, pre-cancerous larynx conditions, small vascular malformations, granulation and granulomas and in some settings, stenosis.  Office procedures also involve injection of Botox into the larynx muscles or other forms of vocal cord injection to improve the voice.  This is most common in the setting of a vocal cord paralysis. 

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KTP Laser

Botox Injection

Vocal fold injection laryngopalsty