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Professional Voice Users

The highest quality care and professional expertise on a wide range of throat conditions, treatments and procedures.

Dr Matthew Broadhurst offers his patients highly specialised laryngeal surgery techniques in voice restoration and reconstruction.  He has worked with research teams in many areas of laryngology and basic science, which include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Many studies involving the latest laser technology and its application to the larynx were conducted with remarkable results.  Maximal preservation of the voice has been achieved at Harvard Medical School using these techniques, including treating larynx cancer.  The pulsed KTP laser is now available to Dr Broadhurst’s patient in Brisbane and at its inception in January 2008, was the first KTP laser in regular laryngeal surgery use.  Today, the Queensland Centre for Voice performs the highest volume of larynx KTP laser surgery in Australia.

Here at the Queensland Voice Centre we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced technology for videostroboscopic endoscopy assessment of the vocal folds.  These assessments are done in conjunction with Lesley Henderson, a highly qualified Speech Therapist, to provide patients with comprehensive management of their voice condition.  Through the use of video endoscopy, patients can be shown their larynx examination and the abnormalities highlighted.  During the patient encounter, patients are able to see similar patient before and after videos, including intraoperative surgical videos to gain better understanding of their condition.  Dr Broadhurst has found that when patients can visualise their abnormality on a screen and see typical results of before and after, it can greatly alleviate anxiety and allow patients to make more informed decisions on the best course of management.

Here at the Queensland Voice Centre we welcome all feedback to ensure we are maintaining the best patient care.  After your visit, you can complete a feedback questionnaire relating to your office visit and experience.