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Dr Broadhurst utilises Coblation technology in the larynx for selected cases.  Coblation utilises low heat tissue ablation between 50 to 600 Celsius.  As such, there is minimal thermal damage in comparison to the extremely high temperatures of laser.  In the settings of either repetitive trauma (granuloma formation) or idiopathic (unknown) stenosis, the Coblation technology is a much less traumatic way to remove tissue than using the heat of laser.

Over the last two years since Dr Broadhurst has been using this technology it has been incredibly effective and seems to be more versatile than the previously used laser techniques.

There are some conditions however that the Coblation is used in that Dr Broadhurst does not support.  This involves papilloma of the larynx.  There is no ability for the Coblation hand piece to precisely treat papilloma down to the vocal fold surface without inadvertently going into the vocal fold causing irreversible scarring and hoarseness.